Integrated Behavioral Health

Integrated care can promote healthy social-emotional development, provide support for life changes, prevent small concerns from growing into larger ones, and help manage your child’s existing emotional and behavioral needs. PAM has Integrated Behavioral Health Clinicians at both offices. We provide short-term, solution-focused treatment to children and adolescents who receive their medical care at PAM, as well as brief consultation during scheduled medical visits as recommended by the PCP. We also collaborate with our Medical Home Care Coordinators (MHCC) on patient and family needs, at times leading to referrals for supports related to a child or family’s developmental, social, financial, medical or educational needs. There may be “homework” to complete in between visits for skill development, and there may be occasions where a parent-only consultation is recommended; this is most often the case for our younger kiddos. We may also discuss the idea of outpatient therapy for longer-term, ongoing support if we think it will be of benefit. Getting started Behavioral health services at PAM typically start with a conversation with your child’s pediatric provider. They will help assess if behavioral health consultation in the primary care setting is the best approach given the current circumstances. Scheduling Appointments Behavioral health appointments are available on most business days, with some afternoon and evening availability. While we strive to be flexible to meet our patient’s needs, there may be occasions in which an appointment is scheduled during the school day. We can provide a school excusal note when necessary. Please note that provision of behavioral health services is billed separate from medical appointments, therefore an additional cost may be incurred. Your health insurance company can answer any questions you might have regarding possible co-pays for behavioral health visits, as well as what coverage your plan provides for behavioral health services. Outpatient Therapy or Specialty Supports In circumstances where outpatient therapy is desired or recommended, we will discuss the options available based on your child’s insurance. There are instances in which we can make referrals on your behalf, while at other times the referral is family-driven. It is important to note that families are able to seek outpatient therapy supports at any time, independent of their child’s involvement with a PAM Integrated Behavioral Health Clinician. Our Integrated Behavior Health Providers are: Rachel Koblosh, MHC Nicole Santos, LMHC, LPC